Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday is for Church and Fried Chicken like in country songs:P

We went to church today. Rylen was AMAZING during it. He sat on my lap the whole time. My family is catholic. We talked to the pastor afterwards and hes going to talk to us about getting me, my brother and Rylen baptized after Easter. I haven't been baptized yet. So, in honor of getting baptized I decided I'm going to celebrate LENT just to get some practice in. I know its a few days late but I am officially off of SODA now. :)

Next on my list, 30 DAY SHRED. I'm probably going to end up buying it in the next day or so. My grandmother has a WII FIT so that with the 30DS and eating healthier should get rid of some of this dreaded weight. ick.

Today was a bad day with the XDB. He and his new gf can suck it. I'm tired of the BS. I wish they'd just stay out of my life.

Job hunting is still going nowhere. Which sucks. I really really need a job. I only have so much money left. and not alot. *sigh*

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