Thursday, March 4, 2010

so after my little blogcation... im back!

Sorry, y'all! Theres just been too much stress for me to even consider blogging. So a little bit of that has been lifted off finally!

I started my GED classes. We had to do a TABE pre-test which is basically a test composed of math, reading, language... and then they figure out where you need to start to even prepare for the actual GED test. The highest possible level is 6. Well, my results came back as 6's in Reading and Language. Math was a failure. I got a 4. But, the good part is, I talked to the instructor to see if my results qualified me for the June test. She said I can even do the May test and if that doesn't work out for me then definetly Junes. SCORE! But I have a ton of math to catch up on. So I'll be working on that outside of my 2 classes a week. *Sigh* I REALLY need to pass this!!!

Second- Driving. I NEED MY LICENSE! urgh! I'm a really good driver. I just have nobody to teach me to do the parallel parking and Kturn. So hopefully my grandfathers going to take me this weekend.... maybe!? I HAVE to get my license by July or else my 5 hour driving course certificate expires. and I can't afford and don't want to sit through that evil class again.... =/

The job hunt is still a failure... GR.

Next Thursday, one of my best guy friends is coming out for the weekend! I haven't been able to hang out with him in a while so I'm SO pumped!!!

annnd on the 20th, me and the bestie are going to see Alice In Wonderland!

Rylens still being evil and hasn't slept all night since I moved back here. I MISS SLEEP! Its ridiculous how much he wakes up all night. I'm starting to feel like a zombie. And, he doesn't sleep for shit all day. Catnaps lasting about half an hour once or twice a day. Thats all I get. He's boycotted sleep.

Yeah. So, thats whats going on in my life.

Oh, anybody got any tips for my fishtank? Its really icky. Idk whats going on with it but nothings helping with it. and I fear for my fishes lives.

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