Monday, March 15, 2010

The weekend in pictures

So this past weekend, one of my best guy friends came out to stay the weekend with me. His name is Jordan...and I associate him as my Jacob Black. The guy who saved me through the first breakup with Anthony. We were pretty much inseperable all summer...went through hell when I fell in love with him...and now...really all we are is best friends/ cuddle buds/ movie fanatics :) He downloaded New Moon to watch with me for the first time. He's seen it in theaters but I wanted to watch it with him since I KNEW I was going to cry throughout it....and I did. haha.

There was a concert at a hotel in my town with some local bands so we were pretty pumped! We invited my bestie Amber [[AKA *SpAmber Gates...]] to come with us. So she came out and I was pretty camera happy all night!

We're Silly!!! <3

This is me all ready for the concert!!::

The greatest band that was there!! Cry To The Blind. <3 loved them!!!<3

And, of course, what would this blog be without a picture of the most adorable little boy in the world? Rylen learned to roll over this weekend!!! :) I was so proud!

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